Laminating Operator - 1st shift

Stage glass to be laminated/to be printed and identify each piece of glass by measuring.

Measure each piece of glass to assure correct sizing, fabrication of holes and notches as noted on tickets and sketches. Inspect each piece of glass for defects based on company quality standards.

Inspect and clean glass to be laminated.

Maintain tickets/sketches in an organized manner to identify glass during laminating process.

Monitor glass while laminating and make adjustments as needed to ensure quality.

Perform and record quality and test records.

Perform general maintenance and cleaning of laminating equipment and work area.

After laminating, identify each piece of glass by measuring and inspect for defects based on company quality standards.

Label each piece of glass and properly pack into cases or place on buck/cart to distribute to other departments for additional fabrication or shipping.

Mark the packing case tag/acknowledgement copy accurately to indicate the items packed and/or laminated/spandrel on bucks/carts.

Coordinate with the packing supervisor case requirements, and when cases/orders are completed or incomplete.

Assist supervision and furnace operators in the monitoring of the glass being tempered for bow and other tempering related issues affecting the quality of the laminated glass.

Maintain accurate production and reject reports required by management.

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Posted: Aug 29, 2023