Employment Opportunities

Cutting Machine Operator - 1st
Responsible for staging and loading raw glass from raw goods inventory onto input table for Bystronic Cnc cutting machine as required based on existing production needs. This position produces lehr and a size sheet of raw glass scored by a cutting bridge and is then conveyed on a cushion of air to the breakout table. There the glass is flexed or best along the score causing a controlled break to occur. The glass is then sorted and identified by order. Virginia Glass - Full Time
Edging Operator- 2nd shift
Must maintain a consistent front end supply of glass available for the edging machine to allow maximum efficiency. Virginia Glass - Full Time
Material Handler - 1st Shift
Required to maintain a constant flow of product through the machine to achieve maximum efficiency of equipment at all times.The materials that are fabricated at Virginia Glass Product Corp. are potentially dangerous if handled in a careless fashion, and can cause severe bodily injury. Every employee is responsible for the safe handling of materials and equipment whenever they are on company property. They are to make absolutely certain that they conduct themselves in a manner that will not cause injury to themselves or others. It is the responsibility of each employee to make sure that he and those working with, or in the vicinity, of him are performing the job in a safe manner. Virginia Mirror - Full Time