·        Review customer drawings, sketches, and descriptions for a specific project and interpret the customer’s requirements, needs, and necessary materials.

·        Evaluate the specified materials’ ability to perform adequately to industry standards and company policies.

·        Evaluate the company’s ability to provide a product that meets the customer’s requirements for specific projects.

·        Determine bill of materials required and calculate cost within profit policies and guidelines. 

·        Generate descriptive quotations to customers for materials required for specific projects.

·        Determine information needed from customer’s drawings, descriptions, and communications in order to provide the company with accurate fabrication instructions, and generate factory instructions within the order entry parameters set by the company. 

·        Act as liaison between the company and the customer, providing the customer with all needed and requested information regarding quotations and orders. 

·        Handle all issues that may arise from the company/customer relationship and provide timely and satisfactory solutions within the guidelines set forth by the company. 

·        Communicate market conditions, competitive information, and industry news with management. 

·        Effectively process the workload generated by the customers / territory for which you are responsible, and communicate with management, in a timely manner, any constraints preventing such handling of the customers’ requirements. 

·        Support our field sales team’s effort in securing additional quotation requests and orders. 

·        Provide service to the customer that exceeds their reasonable expectations.

·        May be assigned additional duties on a temporary or permanent basis as required by management.

Education and Knowledge: 
University degree or college diploma desired, but not required

·        Must be able to work in a fast-paced customer service environment, and understand descriptions and explanations from customers.

·        Ability to communicate complex descriptions and thoughts, both verbally and in writing.

·        Ability to compose written descriptions, interpretations, and thoughts, and to effectively communicate policies.

·        Must be able to convey written information clearly and effectively through both formal and informal documents (i.e., memos, letters, reports, emails, etc.).

·        Demonstrated aptitude for reading shop drawings and blueprints.

·        Must be able to work in a cooperative team environment.

 ·        Basic computer skills and CAD experience will be helpful.

·        Job requires spatial reasoning, problem solving and strong organizational skills.

·        Mathematical skills that involve subtracting whole numbers and fractions, along with multiplication and division skills. Understanding of basic geometry.

·        Ability to interpret basic glass fabrication drawings.



Contact: Beverly Riddle - 276-806-9302 -
Posted: Sep 13, 2022