Furnace Operator - 1st Shift

• Measure each piece of glass to assure correct sizing, fabrication of holes and notches as noted on tickets and sketches. 
• Inspect each piece of glass for defects based on company quality standards.
• Stage glass to be tempered, and load the conveyor to obtain the highest possible yield.
• Transfer order tickets/sketches in an organized manner to the unload section of the furnace.
• Monitor glass while tempering and make adjustments of oven and quench controls as needed to ensure quality.
• Perform and record temper break test.
• Accurately inspect each piece of glass for bow and record.
• Perform general maintenance and cleaning of tempering oven.
• After tempering, identify each piece of glass by measuring and inspect for defects based on company quality standards. 
• Label each piece of glass and properly pack into cases or place skid to distribute to other departments for additional fabrication.

 Mark the packing case tag/acknowledgement copy accurately to indicate the items packed and/or tempered on skids
• Coordinate with the packing supervisor case requirements, and when cases/orders are completed or incomplete.
• Assist the furnace operator in the monitoring of the glass being tempered, in addition to the maintenance/cleaning of the furnace.
• Maintain accurate production and reject reports required by management.

Job Requirements:

High School Diploma or equivalent
Ability to lift and handle 50 lb. items.
Average reading and writing ability.
Must be able to read standard ruler in 1/16” measurements.
Must be able to interpret basic glass fabrication drawings.
Basic computer skills


Contact: Emily Hylton - 276-632-9884 - ewood@va-mirror.com
Posted: Aug 29, 2023