Founded in 1913, Virginia Mirror Company began as a producer of mirrors for furniture manufacturers in Virginia and North Carolina. Gradually we shifted our focus to fabricated and stocksheet mirrors for residential and commercial construction. After numerous plant expansions and the most current installation of a 500 foot long, state-of-the-art silvering line we have become a leader in the mirror industry. Our mirror manufacturing and warehouse facilities have grown with the demand for our product and are located in a 176,000 square foot plant in Martinsville, Virginia.

Virginia Glass Products Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Virginia Mirror Company, started operations in 1956 as one of the first temperers in the United States. We are the oldest manufacturer of all glass entrances and doors, a leading producer of architectural tempered glass, and now a leader in the production and fabrication of laminated glass. Production of our tempered and laminated glass products is located in Ridgeway, Virginia, in a 110,000 square foot facility that includes two CNC automated cutting lines, two horizontal tempering furnaces, a state-of-the-art, new laminating glass operation, and numerous glass fabrication machinery for edge polishing, notching, drilling, and pattern shaping of glass.

Since 1913, successive generations of Virginia Mirror and Virginia Glass Products' founding family have supported our business with the classic principles of quality, craftsmanship, and service. This basic philosophy has proven to be the foundation of our stability. Whether manufacturing mirrors, customer tempered glass, laminated glass, spandrel, or all glass entrances, we recognize that all glass products are not created equal.

Our customers have a choice from whom to buy. We never lose sight of this.